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Bennington S630M

Bennington S630M

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Introducing the state-of-the-art Multipoint instant electric water heater, S630M. The latest 3rd generation Multipoint water heater from BENNINGTON – Number One selling Multipoint water heaters in Singapore!

Being the pioneer manufacturer with many years of experience in Multipoint sales in Singapore, we have combined new innovative and existing proven technologies in the S630M for easy installation and maximum performance.

S630M utilises nylon industrial grade polymer tank assembly which has reduced heat loss compared to conventional copper tank assembly, thus producing warmer water and higher water flow rate. S630M retains the proven German ‘Pressure Differential Flow Switch’ technology found in our best selling C600 model while improving on the following:

a) Easy DIY resetting of Manual Reset Thermal Cut-off when necessary;
b) Withstand higher water pressure due to minimum welding works;
c) Status indicators which enable easy detection of installation and external faults;
d) Uses high grade 8mm ø Japanese heating elements instead of the usual 6.6mm ø.

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