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Plumbing services

Our Specialisation

  • Repair/ replacement of storage heater

  • By Licensed PUB plumber with submission and drawing (in compliance with PUB regulations)

  • Replacement of toilet accessories

  • Convert squatting to sitting toilet bowl

  • Troubleshooting of bad odour 

  • Troubleshooting of mysterious leak

  • And more...!

Why Us?


Experienced Singaporean Plumbers

Our teams have more than 20 years of experience with positive feedbacks.


Fast Response Time

8 teams stationed island wide for 30mins response


Competitive Pricing

Since items are either manufactured ourselves or purchased directly from suppliers in bulk, we can deliver highly competitive rates.


Fully Equipped

We have our own retail store/ warehouse for plumbers to fully load their vehicles before every site visit.

Past PUB Submissions

Our Reviews

Plumbing Warehouse